Not cutting proofgrade materials

I see there are posts about this but no real solution. I switched back to proofgrade, even though it’s super expensive, thinking the material would cut on the first pass. Nope. I’m going on try three on a piece of medium cherry plywood. And yes on all the flat, clean, design things. I’m trying to cut out letters.

Thank you!!

If all of your optics are clean, and all of your fans are clean, Glowforge guarantees that Proofgrade maerial will cut with Proofgrade settings. Send photos along with the date and time of the failed cut to Support.


There are a few factors that can go into this.
I live in a humid environment, so my proofgrade planks probably takes on a little extra environment. The glowforge team recalibrated my machine and it cuts like a champ with proofgrade.

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