Not cutting strait and wonky engraving

The GF is not cutting strait lines and has of set engraving. Using proof grade medium draft bourd and I’m not changing any settings.I also checked the belts.

Did you check the tension on the one underneath the laser arm?

If you have checked the tension of all 3 belts, I would inspect the wheels on the carriage plate. They have been known to crack and cause intermittent issues like this from what Have seen. If you follow the instructions here it tells you how to remove and reinstall the plate.

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Yes it has good tension and looks it all the way to the right

Yes it looks like I have a broken wheel

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Ah that is a bummer, I think it might be best to not use the machine till you hear back from the support staff so they can send you a new wheel. Hopefully they send you two.

Well that wheel lasted a whole 24 hours

Thanks for the help. I appreciate it

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Np, We all run into issues from time to time, luckily yours will be at least be an easy fix. Will just need to go through the process of getting it sent out. Hope the rest of your day goes better :beers:


I can see that you’ve contacted us by email and that we’ve responded. I’m going to go ahead and close this post to avoid any duplicate communication.