Not cutting through all the way through anymore

I would have to say printer head issue based on what you think. It will cut the 1/8” with our 1/4” setting not sure if that means anything :thinking:

How are you inputting your power settings? There have been some issue with saved settings not working. What happens if you prepare a print by 1) using the set focus and making sure the red beam hits the material and 2) inputting the speed and power setting manually rather than selecting a saved setting?


Hmmmm it is a saved setting we use. I will have to try and use it by setting it each time tonight and see if that makes a difference! We set focus first and select the preset saved 1/8” cut now so that would be sweet if that’s the issue! Thanks!

Fingers crossed that this is the issue.


My mind is blown right now! The two cuts on the left and right are from our saved setting for 1/8" cut and didn’t cut through. The one in the middle I just did by entering the same settings in manually after set focus and it cut perfectly. How the heck did you know about this glitch?! It must have just started because our saved setting has worked all along until yesterday.

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@dklgood has a great memory, and it came up in troubleshooting another person’s photo engraves looking different when they used saved settings versus typing in the same settings.

Here’s the thread if you’d like to read through it. Last update was that the GF team is able to reproduce the issue and looking into a fix:


Hello Jeff,

I am glad that the community was able to help you find a temporary solution.
I looked into this further and reviewed the logs for the prints you referenced and it looks like for the print where you saw cut through issues ( the circle al the way on the right) that the autofocuser was not used. It has a manual focus value applied. This is probably saved in your settings for this profile. However for the circle in the middle that cut through cleanly the autofocuser was used.
I think this might be the cause of your issue. In order to confirm, I would like to have you check the saved profile you have been using and see if you have manual focus selected, like circled below:

Let me know!​

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Thanks for checking in! I have not had a chance to look into the issue you suggested yet but hopefully I will soon. I will let you know if the issue is resolved.

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Hello Jeff,

It is my pleasure.
I look forward to hearing the results of your tests.
Should these steps not resolve your issue, please let me know and I would be happy to continue helping you troubleshoot this issue.

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