Not cutting through materials Day 1

We received our glowforge today and have unboxed,followed all rules and when we are trying to print it seems to be only engraving. After reading through MANY problems that seemed similar from other owners we’ve tried making sure the crumb tray is secure, making sure our material is flat, measuring the actual width of proofgrade material, cleaning and probably a few more I’m forgetting and it’s still not cutting completely through.

Can you please try printing the Gift of Good Measure on proofgrade draftboard using the proofgrade settings for cut, score and engrave. Support will need to know when you printed the file and see photos of the result to help determine what is going on with your machine.

I tried the gift of good measure as well as the puzzle both on proofgrade draftboard. Hopefully I can go back in software to see what time it printed? If I need an exact time I’m not sure of that but can do another test, I’ve done 4 and they are all turning out the same

No, you don’t need the exact time. Support can look at your print logs since you are brand new and see when you printed. Pictures of the failed outcome will help, however.

All the way to the left, the only marks on the back is the first puzzle we did, that’s the only thing that has made marks on the back.

Also the 2 close together at the bottom,the one on the left side is darker because we had it go over twice that time

Something looks off with your Gift of Good Measure print - like it is missing steps and numbers on the edge?

Yes, we tried another one and it seemed to do better that time but didn’t cut through.
I saw on another forum to change the speed from 183 to 170 and that did not work either.

Also tried these circles which seemed to help another owner, from top to bottom the setting was changed from 183 to 170, 160,150,140 and none cut through or even made a line on the back of the draftboard

Tried proofgrade acrylic at standard settings and it barely went through. Done trying for the night hopefully will have some answers tomorrow

Recommend removing your lens & after cleaning it, ensure it’s installed the right way.

I recently had issues cutting thru/poor etching, and found I had installed my lens in upside down after a cleaning–so even after 2 years of running mine, I don’t take things for granted!


We have done that as well, my last wood photo of the circles and the acrylic is after cleaning and reinstalling. Didn’t seem to make a difference.

@eflyguy I have found your responses for issues similar to mine helpful and downloaded your circles using the specifications and still did not cut through, pictures are provided above- you seem knowledgeable about this problem could you recommend anything else to try?

Can you take a screen shot of the user interface with a job all set to go? Sometimes we can spot something off.

From the looks of the Gift of Good Measure, the scores look thin and crisp, albeit light. That is what I check to see if the focus is off.

Sorry this is happening. Hope there is a swift resolution.

I’m afraid not. It appears from your initial photos that your machine will need to be replaced. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. I agree that the focus is fine, the GoGM print shows nice crisp details.

That looks very similar to the results this person was getting, also with a new machine: Unable to successfully complete the gift of good measure

I’d almost wonder if they got a batch of bad tubes or something, but I thought they do calibration and testing at the factory.

Yup, that does look really similar to mine. I’m hoping they can just send replacement parts, it’s such a pain to get boxed up.

I saw your thread and read through it and cleaned all the parts(even though it’s brand new) that she mentioned you to send a photo of cleaned. Let me know when you get a resolution, I started this thread last night as well as sent as email and haven’t heard anything. Really wish there was a way to call in for issues likes this

As posting here duplicates tickets started by email. they will respond by email and close this thread.