Not cutting through materials

Great! Since you don’t need to open a support ticket on this, and you’re not using pg material, I’m going to move it to the “Beyond the Manual” section.


Thank you so much John! I actually got it to reset and it worked wonderful. I really appreciate your help with this. I also now know to not place anything underneath my item being that I’m working on. Thank you again.

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That is perfectly ok.

I know your problem is already solved, but for the archives: stacking materials also increases the risk of fire, so there’s another reason not to do it.

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You are likely to get some “flashback” on the bottom of the acrylic from the beam reflecting off the bed without masking the back. You can tape it or I have used a sheet of cardstock on the bed to shield material.

I do understand that now and really appreciate you letting me know. I had no idea but the one thing I do know…I won’t do that again!

Thank you

That’s a really good idea. I’ll use card stock. Thank you!!

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