Not cutting through on right side

Machine will not cut through any material right of center of bed. Intensity of cut attempt Diminishes the farther right it moves, becoming just a faint score at furthest right of bed. I’ve only had a few months and used very little but nothing has ever been absolutely correct on the right side.

What I did-
Cleaned all lenses and mirror per instructions with lens wipes.
Inspected and took some pictures.
Attempted gift of good measure (full artwork)

What I found-
Lenses all cleaned up well and weren’t very dirty at all.
*the lens on the side of printhead looks to have some sort of brown gunk that appears to be adhesive that seeped our when lens was glued in. Cleaned with lens wipes but it wouldn’t come off. I attempted to get a picture of it. When held in the light there is a more than just the adhesive gunk, it has a kind of clear haze around the gunk also.
Verified all pieces were in correctly as per instructions.

I used a sheet of draft board I had previous made cuts on the left side. I nested the gift of good measure just right of center. Left settings as they are and print. The scores and engraves are visible but definitely lighter on the right side of the piece. The cuts did not even mark the back of the draft board. You can set in the pictures where I have cut previously on left side but only half of the things on center line actually cut through, and those that did were done on multiple passes.

We are currently trying to make PPE masks for our local hospital and we found this to be a major issue that will keep us from producing any. Hopefully it is just something on my end and we can get going quickly but I’m doubtful.

Sorry, pictures uploaded weird in the middle of text. Here are lens/mirror pics. You can see the gunk on the inside of the lens that goes in the side of the print head.

Gift of good measure in post was done;
03/30/20 around 5pm central standard time
(Also my only print today 03/30/20.

Any chance there’s any debris in the little divots where the crumb tray feet sit? That one got me once.

no crumbs. i fully went through all cleaning procedures recommended by glowforge 3x, verified machine was level, verified crumb tray was in properly and also level to machine, all lens and mirror cleaning, etc. this only potential issue i found was what looked to be some adhesive that seeped out when they glued in the window/lens on the side of the print head. it is certainly loosing power at the center point of the machine and has less power the farther it travels right away from the main laser window/lens on the carrier arm.

Thank you for reaching out about this and posting this detailed report.

Unfortunately, after reviewing the logs from your test print it looks like your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. I want you to have a reliable unit, so I’m recommending we replace this one. I’ll be in touch via email to sort out the details. I’m so sorry about the bad news.