Not cutting through PG acrylic

I decided to sign up for the premiere pkg from Glowforge a few days ago. Yesterday I decided to cut a new file that I had downloaded, I used thick draft board in the settings, masked the front side and hit the magic button… It did not cut through. Four times I tried, without moving the board, to recut and still didn’t go through. Though about this all night and today came back figured that it was something with that file, so tried to cut the key tags that we get free on GF app, using proof grade acrylic. I am including some photos so hopefully you can tell what it is cutting and not. If someone can help with this issue I would certainly appreciate it! Maybe I will need to just go back to using the free software from GF…


Oops, no pics.

The software doesn’t effect your cut power in any way, but yeah, we’ll need pics to help

this won’t let me post the pics, but i was able to post them on main Glowforge support page.
With the draft board it only cut about 1/3 through the wood. The 4th time, I did slow the speed down but then it charred cutting all the way through.

Where did you source your draftboard and how thick was it?

Teri Wells




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Ooh! A publicly listed phone number. Let me start sending political messages night and day. Just kidding, might want to remove that.

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What rpegg said - this forum is public so you don’t want to post your phone number!

Not sure what you mean by the “main support page”. It’s this, the contact form on the site (which is email), or an email to :slight_smile:
Either of those last two means they’ll respond via your email after they close this topic, but we can work on it until a staffer gets here!

You’re still having issues with the Glowforge keytags, so it’s not the art.

How long have you had your machine, and when was the last time you cleaned it?
It’s hard to tell on the draftboard since you did it a bunch of times, but that’s definitely more ash than normal.

Got from HD and it is 0.23

Got the machine first of June and I gave it a thorough cleaning yesterday morning before even cutting a thing!

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.