Not Cutting Through ProofGrade Materials

My gf recently hasn’t been cutting through medium draftboard or medium walnut plywood. I was desperate to get some things completed so I cut twice, this worked for a while. Now, this isn’t working either.

I have followed all the directions and cleaned the gf multiple times and then tested, ad naseum. The problem isn’t resolving.

Years ago, I had a problem with cutting and the engraving was extra wide. This is not happening this time.

Any thoughts that aren’t a general…have you cleaned it…are appreciated.

I see that you have been here since the presale days of 2015. Is this your original machine? Glowforge has stated that the life of the laser tube is expected to be about 2 years. They will replace the tube for around $500 if this is the problem. I suggest emailing Glowforge support and supplying photos along with the dates and times of failed prints. They can look at the logs and diagnose the issue.


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