Not Cutting Through - so frustrating!

My laser starts cutting through 1/8" mdf just fine and then about 30-45 minutes into running, it starts to fade out to the point where it’s not cutting through the material all the way. I have cleaned and re-cleaned my fans, mirrors, lenses (I even replaced one lens) and crumb tray but nothing has seemed to work. Any ideas?? Thank you!

How old is your machine?

If it always starts off OK but then dies off, then the power supply has probably failed.

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I got this machine in September 2021

Definitely use the support request form to open a ticket, support can help you troubleshoot.

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Unfortunately they told me they couldn’t help because they didn’t support non pg material. Thanks for the reply though

See if the problem is the same with Proofgrade materials. It is possible that the problem is not the machine but the material. If you are cutting smokey mdf, you may have to wipe your optics several times a day.


That’s a good point. I’ll try that next. I do wipe down everything multiple times during use. I haven’t had any troubles like this until lately.

I use medium draftwood with 1/8 MDF. Cut 2 times.

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