Not impressed…

Placed an order, online, on 03 Sep 2021, for a new lens removal tool, that I inadvertently dropped, and some additional parts. Not hearing anything, I sent an email, last week, to which I was informed that, for some reason my order had not been shipped, but support would look into it… since then I have sent three more emails, requesting an update and shipping information… each one has been ignored. Is this normal for support to ignore requests for order confirmation and shipping?

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You’re not being ignored. They won’t follow up again until they have an answer to your question, and they’re probably waiting on someone else to get back to THEM to get that information. Glowforge does not ship its own parts or materials, so they have to get in touch with their fulfillment partners to find out what’s gone wrong with your order.


Update: just received an email saying my order is being shipped and provided a tracking number. I glad something is happening, but disappointed in the rig a ma role and stretched out time. I ordered on 3 Sep, for $115USD shipping, it should have been here long before now.