Not lasering correct size

I’m cutting out some leather materials and just realized that the size is incorrect. I have the size set to cut 12" x 3" and the cut size is only 11.75" x 3". Why is one measurement correct but the other is short 1/4"? Has anyone else had this issue? I don’t want to have to adjust the size up to correct it, I would much rather just have it correct in the first place.

How was the design created? Is it correct in the Glowforge interface? Can you share photos and screenshots?

There are some scaling issues with importing certain kinds of artwork, so it would be helpful to have more details in order to figure out if that’s what you’re running into.

I just created a square and set it to cut. so all is correct in the interface. I’ll try to share a screenshot if I can. but it was a pretty simple setup. just input my artwork, then made a square to the size I wanted to cut, centered everything and printed. I’ve done the same thing before and it worked out just fine

Ah. That sounds more like a physical malfunction then. Could be loose belts, debris on the rails, a cracked wheel, etc. I’d give it a close inspection, and while turned off, manually push the gantry and laser head around to see if anything feels bumpy.

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From what I can tell everything seems to be fine. I don’t see anything out of place and everything feels okay. Plus my machine is pretty new. Just got it and it probably only has about 10-15 hours on it. I wouldn’t expect anything to go bad but idk what else to check out? Any other thoughts?

If it’s mechanical (slipping drive belt) or electrical (missing steps to the motors) it’ll vary by position, and probably each time you try it. If it’s consistently short in one dimension no matter where you print, the problem is software, a bad calibration of the machine and you need to open a ticket with GF since they can/would have to fix that from their end.

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Okay thank you! I’ll try some other stuff and see what I can come up with. I appreciate your help!

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