NOT made on a Glowforge--but the next one WILL!

For MAKE magazine, I designed and built this display stand for a vintage robot toy. I originally intended to have the parts laser cut. As it turned out I ended up fabricating it by hand so anyone could make it.

Now that I have some Glowforge time I’ll make another stand for a similar Godzilla toy and skip all that laborious drilling and filing of the square holes. Whew–GF to the rescue!

Maybe this project will inspire other designs for display stands…? The one piece design is super easy --just use a strip heater to bend the acrylic into the 3D shape.


Yep! Very Glowforgeable. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey! I had one of those Shogun Warriors!

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Yes, the Glowforge will be perfect for the next one!

I had that same one as a kid!