Not printing what's shown

Everything seems fine until it’s prepared and ready to print. The trees in my file aren’t showing up when it cuts. The laser even moves as if it’s engraving the trees, but it doesn’t make a mark. The power is set to 80, so a filled black area should be obvious. When it shows the preview of the cut in window with the countdown, it shows nothing for a while, but if I wait long enough the cut lines show up. Other files cut/engrave fine, so I think it’s something to do with the file that I can’t figure out. It’s part of a larger file that’s I’ve deleted parts of before printing.

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It looks from the ruler marks that you’re within the engrave boundaries. It’s easier to troubleshoot files if you post the file. I can understand if you don’t want to though.

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Is the focus for the material correct? Since it is unknown in the screen cap, I can’t tell, but that is one place to check.

Also, double check that the whole of the tree operation is within the useable space and not in the no go zebra stripe zone.


If they’re all part of one grouped object - and they may be with that outer box which also appears to be missing, all it takes is a piece of it be out of bounds for the whole thing not to be processed. that doesn’t explain why it’s not showing up as an operation on the thumbnails.

Also, check the material focus (what @marmak3261 said) - even when using something like BB and my own settings I tell the GF I’m using the nearest PG (maple ply) so I don’t have to enter as much info :slight_smile:

Happy cake day!!!


I checked the focus. Not the problem.
I learned it won’t show up in color (it’s greys out) if it’s out of the boundary, so not the problem.

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It previously cut fine with a different file, so I spent some time redoing some changes I made to the new file with the old file and it cut fine. I’m still not sure what the problem is with that particular file. It turned out pretty cool though. It’s a modular Gravity Falls themed Tsuro game for my friend for Christmas. We prefer games to be small and portable for playing in the park on a nice day. I’m still working on cleaning up the scorch marks (wish I’d remembered to put tape over it before cutting) and a box to put all the pieces in. I may even paint it.


I’m glad you were able to figure it out!

I’ll look into what happened.