Not printing

Today I tried to print a multi-part image, and the printer is just going through the motions. The laser is not on. I am using non-certified material measured with a micrometer and covered with blue painter’s tape. The head moves as if it’s going through the design parts, but no laser. I’m uploading the final bed photo. I’ll try PG next.

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Same thing with PG. the art doesn’t show up on the print screen. I did set one part to Ignore, if that means anything.

Here’s the original art. I used diff colors because I want to have the wolf image not deeply engraved, but just moderately engraved. The actual outline of the wolf should not be engraved at all. Not sure if that’s correct, but something’s up as no printing at all is occurring

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You might want to post the file so someone else can take a look at it. (helps to zip it before uploading here or weird things can happen.) :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah, good idea. Here it is…

Stark (143.5 KB)

I just noticed that the printer is NOT recognizing the work piece as PG.

There’s some glare on the UPC code from the led… try moving the piece to the left or right and see if that allows the machine to recognize the material.

Just took a quick look at the file and very first impression is there is text directly behind “Ser Michael” that is not converted to curves so it will not render properly. There’s some invisible text in the lower left portion of the file. Every object has a duplicate of itself directly behind it.


I couldn’t open the file - it seems to be an AF Design file, not an SVG.


Stark coaster

Thanks. I checked and confirmed. I was wondering if maybe the parser was confused about that.

Okay, figured it out. Artwork issue. Stacking objects appears to confuse the parser. So I instead subtracted the wolf outline from the underlying rounded rectangle so that I end up with a rounded rect with “holes” in it. I’d like to at some point be able to do multi-level engravings…maybe I need to create a grayscale image for that. :confused:
Thanks for all the help.

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Glad you figured it out. (I was just prepping the explanation.) :smile:

And since I already had it done you can see the pics anyway …

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maybe if you were to subtract the purple wolf from the white wolf, so the white wolf is just the white area that shows around the purple, you’d be able to set different variables for both. but yes, if the purple fill overlaps the white fill, you’re going to have problems. so knock out the purple area from the white area and you will probably be ok. if that makes sense.

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Thanks for all the help everyone–I’m glad you were able to sort things out.

@avidflyer happy printing!

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