Not reaaalllly a "Made" topic, but a great discovery...excuse me, Santa; I need the chimney :)

People asked me if I was thinking about doing this, and I’m reallllllly glad that I did; it worked SUPERBLY…

I did a couple of tests first, with some small cuts, and it seemed to work great, and so I then went full throttle with it & all was well.

Soooo much easier than sticking it out the window…and even 100x better, since I was getting a lot of smell coming back in through the opened and unsealed window.

This way got me practically ZERO smell in comparison. Always will be a tiny amount, of course, especially since the assist blows the smoke forcefully towards the front.

Please feel free to move to a different category, if necessary…


hmmm… Not sure how Santa will feel about that… :santa:


How far up the chimney does the exhaust hose go?


Only about 5 or 6 inches; held nicely in place by the weight of the flue door.

I have placed a small electric smoker in there in the past, and it worked great, too, so I figured that this hose, with the powerful fan that is has, plus stuck physically up the chimney, would be even better, and it was :slight_smile:


Glad it’s working for you! My concern would be a gust of wind creating a backflow down the chimney and fighting against the fan motor on the Glowforge.

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wouldn’t that be the same concern for a window though?

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:joy: awesome


Depends on how tight the seal is. For my window exhaust, I’m going to build something that fits tightly and has an outlet tube for the exhaust hose to clamp to, so even if the wind blows right into the window, none of the exhaust will be able to come back in.

I think the fan is actually stronger than the updraft of any fire I’ve ever lit in there, lol…

From my bacon post:





That’s not cat/pig bacon, is it? :neutral_face:


LOL, the cat/pig drawing was not me…


Reminds me that I’m running dangerously low… might need to head over to Costco for a pork belly pretty soon!


Need to roll that in cracked pepper next time before you smoke it!


Really? You guys can get pork belly at Costco too? As it is I have to bring a cooler when I’m heading to a US Costco to bring back brisket and tri-tip. Apparently I’m in the minority as they won’t stock either in Canada.


Chimneys are made for getting smoke out. The flue door is there to keep the hot air from the house going up the chimney when there is no fire. When the wind increases, it doesn’t go down the chimney (mostly), it goes past the top and creates more vacuum so that more smoke goes up the chimney. :wind_blowing_face: - Rich


We constantly have the issue if the flue is open and it is cold outside of cold air coming down the chimney. Wind is less of an issue, but cold air definitely creates a down draft.

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Uh oh…I left the flue open today, and it’s pretty cold out. lol…room gonna be stinky, and wifey gonna be upsety…


At least with us, it has to be less than 20 outside before this becomes an issue. It’s actually a bit of an issue when starting a fire, that you need to get a quick burst of heat to get air rising. Once this thing gets going the draft is astonishing (we used our fireplace once when we had badly burned something in the stove since it is more effective at clearing smoke than our hood…


Hot air in the house goes up the chimney as well, and wind across the chimney creates vacuum too. Fire (and smoke) is hot and rises up the chimney. Warm air in the house during the winter rises up the chimney (sure cold air falls down). - Rich

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