Not recognizing proofgrade

I have noticed today that the GF is not recognizing the PF. The barcode is there, but I have used maple ply medium and thick and it either says it is an unrecognized material, or it mischaracterized it as Cherry Hardwood. Any ideas? The machine has not been used too long, so I am not thinking it needs a cleaning…

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I sometimes have trouble with that as well, depending on where the sticker is located I find that the LED lights create a Hot Spot on the sticker and it prevents the camera from reading it. I also have my GF near a window (as most users do) and if the Sun is at just the right angle it can do the same thing. Try flipping your stock around, the camera can read the QR code upside down… it might help.



Not being able to recognize it at all has been an issue since day 1. Ironically enough, this is typically caused by the units own lights obfuscating the QR code.

As for “mischaracterizing,” that’s very likely the simple act of them putting the wrong label or wrong QR code on the material. Support will be happy to know the details of that. Specifically what material did you insert and what was it misread as?

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I have seen this now and again. And as mentioned, you can see a bright glare orb on the tag from the LED lights when this occurs.
It is an alert for me to turn on the overhead LED lamp, seems to overcome the glare from inside machine.
If that fails, you can also poke on the gear symbol on the print bar (under support option) for a re-take of the image.

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I was using thick maple ply and it recognized it as medium cherry hardwood, if I remember correctly.

Never hurts to wipe off the camera lens anyway.

Was medium Cherry hardwood the last :proofgrade: you used? It sometimes keeps the last setting… Remember you can always choose a proofgrade from the dropdown!

(Are :proofgrade: s still in Beta? I haven’t looked at my latest batch stickers -I know they used to still state “Beta”)

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No. I haven’t used any cherry.

I think a “Matte” finish on the barcode sticker would do wonders.


I’m sorry you’re having trouble with your Proofgrade material.

Like @chris1 suggested, cleaning the camera lens can help. Would you try that and let me know if it works?

Regarding the incorrect material recognition, did the Glowforge app read the particular piece of material incorrectly more than once? If you know which piece of material it was, after cleaning, would you put it in the bed again and see if the Glowforge app recognizes it correctly? If it doesn’t, let me know the date and time you put it in the bed so I can take a look.


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It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email