Not Saving Design

Twice today I spent an hour designing a layout for bookmarks,
the same design, which I had to repeat because it didn’t automatically save the first time. The second time it again reverted back to the first few images I used, even after it printed out entirely. It’s just not there.
This is a pretty serious issue if designs aren’t saving.

I have never had that happen.

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I can’t help you with why this happened, someone much more experienced than me may be able to but, if the file printed in its entirety, have you tried going to past prints under the 3 dots and recover the file?

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Yes, I did find the clone; thank you.
The first time it didn’t save, not even in the clone. I just want to avoid that happening again .

It just happened again, only now half the images aren’t showing up. They’re in the sidebar but not on the screen. This is just ridiculous.

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