Not Seeing Free Shipping

I think @dan said we get free shipping if we order $100.00 of Proofgrade in the store.

I’m not seeing that reflect during checkout.

Little help? $9.00 could get me two pieces of draftboard.


This is just weird as I ordered some just a couple of hours ago and it worked fine.

When it is working the $9 shows and then right below that it takes it back out much the same way your founder discount works.


I see what happened.

It didn’t apply until I went from the delivery to the payment page. That’s a bit confusing. If possible, I would change that to show earlier.


Yeah, same thing happened to me first time I ordered, they didn’t apply the shipping credit until later in the process. Something to fix, but not at the top of the list.

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I’m glad you you were able to place your order! I’ll pass the feedback about the process on to the rest of the team.