Not so much of a problem as a question about firmware

So I moved to a new house back in July and I’m just NOW having time to get Zippy back online. SOOO happy to get back to lasering! I’ve seen improvements come out over the past month or so and I’m wondering how / when the GF actually gets firmware updates? Or does it? Meaning is all of the software improvements cloud improvements so we see them automagically?

I’m assuming there’s some kind of firmware and just wondering how I check what I have on my GF to the latest release. Or not if it’s cloud.

On a tangental note - I haven’t pulled out any of my “stuff” from where I had the GF before. Digital Calipers, pin hold downs for the honeycomb, tools, even the wood is in my garage - I didn’t realize how much stuff I had around it! Oh the joy of unpacking a house and getting it re-setup.


Some updates are cloud/UI specific and those load as you start a new session in the UI.

Others are machine-firmware based, and the machine will run a firmware check on start-up and download/install the newer version of firmware if it’s detected. But, there is no simple way to auto-identify what version of firmware you are on and what’s most current.


The software and firmware should update as soon as you plug in the machine automatically, but if it’s been inaccessible for a while, leave the lid opened while it updates. It takes time sometimes, and leaving the lid up will keep the startup calibration from beginning. (That can interrupt an update and lock things up.)


Thanks to both of you! Will do as soon as I get home tonight. It wasn’t doing anything until I joined it to our new WiFi, I just wanted to make sure it’d cut, so I did do a small cut last night.

Thanks @jbmanning5!

If you have any other questions please post a new topic. Congratulations on your new home :slight_smile: