Not so smart question about engraving

How do people do those colored engraving on clear acrylic like the gold engravings on Etsy.

They engrave then paint. Here’s a thread with links to some things forum members have done – there are LOTS more examples, if you play with search terms a little bit.


I’ve done both methods: engrave-then-paint and paint-then-engrave.

Engrave-then-paint works well, but I have trouble with the paint sticking to the sides of the engrave. Paint then tape, but expect the paint in the middle to sink down as it dries.

Paint-then-engrave works much better, but it is harder to setup. I practiced on pencils. Most yellow #2 pencils have two layers of paint: white under yellow. Figuring out how much power/speed is needed to go through the yellow paint, while not touching the white paint, takes a few tries. But the effect is really cool. Then do 2-3 layers of paint and cut through to the color you want.



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