Not sure this deserves it's own thread


I was playing around today.
I had found this
on Thingiverse and picked up some birch plywood from my local Menards.
I really did very little work other than to rearrange the files to fit in the bed.
A buddy had recently brought some delicious peach mead to our home brew club meeting and as he walked in one of the bottles fell out the bottom of the re purposed cardboard carrier he had used so I thought I’d throw this together for him.

I didn’t bother masking the material as this was just a test run to check the fit. Turns out it’s perfect.
When I redo it I’ll put his name and our Homebrew clubs logo on it. Which incidently was designed by my daughter.


Cool! Great logo too! (Had to look up zymurgy.) :smile:


It totally deserves its own thread! What a thoughtful gift. I have this project bookmarked on Thingiverse, but have not tried it yet, so it’s nice to get a little preview :slight_smile:

Also, yay for mead (but not peaches - bleh).


Oh, it’s very nice! Thread-worthy! :slight_smile:


LMAO - I did the same thing for a local brewery (Hog River Brewing) for our Mini Maker Faire.


The more you do … the more you’ll have on your test runs. (Because if it turns out … you’ll love that you added everything.

Great job!