Not sure what to do

My glowforge started writing out several weeks ago. 2 weeks ago I was told I could send my glowforge back and I wouldn’t even have to wait as they would send me a refurbished model immediately even without my glowforge getting back yet. I said I would love to send my glowforge back but I am moving 3 hours away for work and would need it sent to another address. I sent my unit back, didn’t receive a reply. I sent an email yesterday asking what I should do as my replacement hasn’t shipped and I am moving tomorrow. I got notice my glowforge shipped today and would be here Tuesday. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do or what helpful other arrangements I should pick from when they shipped a package three hours from my new place and I informed them of this problem.

Just an opinion but I would call the local UPS or whoever is sending it and talk to them. I suspect that you can file a change of address.

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If it’s going by Fedex you might be able to reroute it. I had mine rerouted to a local Kinko’s that was open late because I was never home during delivery hours.
Sign up for a Fedex notification account if you haven’t already to get this option.

The reroute has to be in the same zip code. It’s likely the new 3hr away address isn’t :slightly_smiling_face: So it needs to be rerouted by the shipper - GF needs to contact FedEx or UPS (whichever they used).

You have two options - have GF re-route it, or you can call the shipper and tell them you will be unable to accept delivery (same as refusing it if you were there.) UPS calls it Return to Sender, but FedEx offers that as well.

should also be able to ask them to hold it at the station for pickup. i’ve had it delivered three times, and all three times i picked up at UPS/FedEx (my original, a return repair (that arrived broken and i declined to accept), and the replacement for the broken unit).

Kyle, I have responded to your concern from the email you sent. The best way to manage your shipment while it is in transit is to use the FedEx Delivery Manager. I’m going to close this topic. Thanks everyone for your responses!