Not sure what's going on , went to print told me I owed them $50.00! can't print

I´ve broken my leg so I haven´t been on that much so I made a design last night and went to print today. I remember a while back said something about the trial but forgot. Now I went to print only could print what was there. Can I not use my glowforge anymore the whole reason bought this machine was to get off unemployment I´m getting 250 do you really want 50. Gladly share my screen to prove that. I just saw Dan´s thing. Now what, someone clue me in. ???Please help

what design are you talking about?

Are you printing existing designs using premium features or is this a new design you just uploaded and cannot print?

I uploaded my design, not a glowforge But I wanted to write more than I put on it last night and can´t.

One i made just wanted to add words and can’t, guess write is a premium and that cost 50 dollars

Yeah you will need to add the words in an external application or subscribe to premium to use the text/shape features inside the UI.



What design program do you use?


I’m so sorry to hear about your leg! I hope you are recovering well.

I’m going to send you an email with more details on Glowforge Premium and the promotional discount.

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