Not the only one with a screw loose


Since this was buried in my other thread, I wanted to make sure support knows about it. There was a mysterious extra screw loose in the bottom of my Glowforge when it arrived yesterday. No operational impact was noticed.


Without that screw in the correct place…time travel will not be enabled on your GF. :crazy_face:


Then why are all my clocks exactly 25 minutes slow?


25mm screw missing (which would account for the 25 minutes)…just needs put back in place to synchronize with the Universal Time Clock. Or…check to see if the inside of your GF is larger on the inside than what appears on the outside.


I did hear a voice say Zuul. I assumed that was expected behavior.


It doesn’t look like it ever had a home in it. That’s a self tapping plastic screw, and they don’t come out on their own. If it had been someplace, there should be some plastic on the threads as when they go in there is always transfer as the threads cut into the plastic.

Good thing it didn’t find its way into the power supply, or on top of the main board.

As a bonus, you can use it in your iMac. I’m pretty sure that’s the same screw used for LCD panel-Display housings in 2007-2009 models. I’ve also found them pretty handy for use in my 3D prints.


That feature willn’t’ve been released for a while now. Maybe another year ago down the line once the hopper gets emptied.


Oh, thank you! I’ve finally found another person who uses multi-contractions like me! The max I’ve been able to string together is 4 contracted words… I’dn’t’ve (I would not have) as in “I’dn’t’ve done that if I were you.” Can anybody do 5?!


Founders Bonus?


I’d get spanked in school for using that word.


Thanks for letting us know! I’m looking into it.


Love those! :rofl:


Only in the context of my future-self stopping my past-self from doing something.
I’ll’ve’dn’t (I will have had not).
Usually, my past-self does stuff to my future-self, like buying something so long ago that when I get it, it will seem free :neutral_face: #tryingtobepositive


My problem is that my past-selves will buy something multiple times because my future-self won’t reliably find it when needed and will buy it for the next iteration of future-self and I end up with lots of the same “free” stuff :smile:


I just need to get my present-self to put things where my future-self will look for it, that way my present-self doesn’t get mad at my past-self.


I find the title of this topic is singularly appropriate.


When you fully understand past, present, and future self, things get tense. :crazy_face:

They can also get fun. I’m putting a batman suite in the closet for future senile me to find.


Now that’s a plan! :grinning: Think of the adventures future-self is going to remember as a result.


Heh. Nice try. Judges say it doesn’t qualify.


My guess is Aeva is Irish…