Not working at all on the right side of the machine

Similar to many complaints on here I am not seeing any cuts work as soon as they get toward the right side of the bed. I am using PG materials and attempting to print the test items. I was able to print the Gift of Good Measure with no problem on the lower left side of the board, but the issues were noticed when I attempted to print the Snap and Store Box, the first panel looked like it was doing ok, but by the time we go to the 4th there was no cutting happening anymore. I stopped the print and pulled the board and it only partially went through the left side of the board and not at all through the right.

I cleaned the lenses as I have seen others in this issue be directed and still had the same issues.

I then attemped an allignment pass and saw the same results and the alignment ended with it saying that there was no aligning needed.


Support will get back to you. While waiting, double check that the honeycomb tray is properly seated and that the table you have the Glowforge on is flat/level.

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It is, thanks for asking though!

I wish it was something easy to fix. Good luck.


A strong difference in cutting left to right can only be that the laser is more focused on the left than it is on the right. With that logic the lens under the left side has to be the focus of the problem, as the distance to the head is what changes. You have a photo of that lens and it looks pretty good but mine has looked similar and the slightest film makes a bigger difference thee than anywhere else.

I have had that issue come up and even though it looks great, if I wipe a fresh Zeiss across it I can see a bit of color that I have taken some film off, and amazingly the left right cut difference goes away.

I think this is probably an alignment issue on a non-serviceable mirror. It’s just slightly off as it exits the last mirror crossing the bed into the head. The angle is minimized on the left side, as it reduces the beam path, but becomes more obvious as the beam path increases.


It is basically the same issue, as you lay out but also non serviceable as you also point out. If the machine was making good cuts and now doesn’t that leans to film on that window and an easy fix. A misaligned mirror (or dust inside the sealed part) would have that issue from the first and means a trip to the mothership. :frowning_face:

I had this same issue and discovered it also while doing the tutorial project box. I ended up needing to get a warranty replacement. Contact customer service, and they should get back to you quickly.

A post here in Problems and Support automatically raises a support ticket. Doing it twice only slows the whole process down.

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Also clean the homing lens on the lid

Anyone know how long it usually takes to be contacted by support? I’ve now had a machine I can’t use for 4 days and I haven’t received any communication. I checked my email, spam folders, and here.

Did you receive an auto reply when you initially contacted them?

Hi @mpleclair. I apologize for the delayed response. I received your email support request to address this issue, and just sent a response to help with next steps. To avoid any confusion, I’m closing this thread so we can continue through the email. I’ll look forward to your response through there. Thank you!