Not WORKING out of box ..please help!

My glow forge is not working out of the box. I’ve been attempting to work with glow forge support buy the process has been super confusing and ineffective. It’s been weeks and the machine is still not working at all. It keeps jumping off the rails.

Can anyone help?

Hi Glow Forge Team!

Thank you for your prompt attention to the matter below.

Here is the video that I sent last Thursday. Before reviewing the video, I’d also like you to know:

I’m getting the impression that the email response used by glowforge support is making this thread VERY confusing. For example, automated responses seem to go to the top of thread, and actual human responses get BURIED. I’m finding the active part of the thread somewhere in the MIDDLE of the very large thread. When I try to respond to a particular part of the thread, I’m unable to do so. CONFUSING and time consuming on this end.

I can only imagine this makes things confusing on your end too, and it’s resulting in a delay in support.

I hope we can work this out. I’d also like to let you know that this support process feels inadequate for a very expensive tool that is malfunctioning out of the box.

Here’s the video sent last Thursday sent again.

I need a human response, please respond at top of new thread. Automated responses are not helpful and are confusing the email chain to the point where they are highly counterproductive.

Do you think it would be helpful to schedule a support call? I can only give so much time to this process before I’ll need another option for refund or replacement.

Below is exactly the video your team asked for. If this machine isn’t working by the end of the week, I’ll need an option for replacement or refund. If your team can make the support process reasonably efficient I’ll be happy to work together. So far, we’ve made no progress and the process is incredibly time consuming.

You can attempt to reach me by phone in the subject line. Email responses are hard to keep track of as they almost always seem to be automated response. It’s hard for me to read through the entire thread every time to find the human response buried in the middle of a very long thread.

I can be available typically around 10:30AM. This is a tool in my biz and we have other work to do. Please see video below and provide a thoughtful next step for support that honors my time and patronage of your expensive and currently useless product.


Michael Sprague

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You marked your own post as the solution - does that mean you got what you needed - or are you still looking for help?


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