Not working

Our vent is open to the outside…we had a rain storm last night and now she will turn on and go thru all the motions but won’t do anything more……

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Did you see any condensation inside your Glowforge because of the vent or do you think the rain storm and the Glowfoge not working are not related?

When you say it won’t do anything at start up, can you be a bit more specific. Does it get to centering, focusing or neither? Does the interface show offline?

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It goes all the way to print and then the light turns yellow

It was working great yesterday……can’t see any condensation inside….

The message says….Reseating your printer head……and to follow the steps, which we have done 4 times

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I assume that the reseating printer head process included removing, inspecting and reseating the white cable.

Knowing that the light turns yellow will help support diagnose your issue. I am sure they will be along shortly.

Never a good idea to leave the machine connected to an open vent. I recommend you either disconnect when not in use or place a “gate” in the pipe near the wall.
These gates are used mainly by wood workers for their dust collector set ups but work equally well with a laser:



There’s one like @beerfaced posted that a free file for you to make in the free files. I printed it and have loved it because i can just close it out each night instead of taking it out of the vent…

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Oh no, I’m sorry you’ve hit a snag.

I reviewed your machine logs, and it appears you’re back up and printing! That’s excellent news.

Would you let us know if you’re still experiencing trouble?