Notepad Cover with Holder Design

Here is the SVG for a 5 x 8 inch notepad.

Here are the notepads I bought for refills.


This is for 3.5mm plywood. I would redo the living hinge if you are going to use different material.


Thanks for this generous share.


Nice design, thank you for sharing!

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Ooooo, very nice! Iā€™m looking ahead to gifting season and thinking this would be great for that.

I tweaked the design I made and the one I uploaded. The magnets I have are crazy strong. So I have only added the one. The green line is a score for alignment, but you can eyeball it.

I have a Glowforge Basic so I am limited to the dimensions (for the grain direction). I had to left to right with the cover when the pad goes top to bottom. If you want to alter the folder hinge use what I did.