Notepad Cover with Holder

I had seen a few variations on this design.

I finally got around to trying my own. I used some challenging pieces of Columbia Products plywood (quite warped). With a fistful of hold-down pegs and carefully setting the order of the cuts I finally got one cut out.

It was a nice engrave that I messed up with staining.

Link to design file.


I don’t know. I think it looks great - an aged worn look from a long ago race of astronauts :slight_smile:


I thought it was leather at first glance – I think you got a nice antiqued / distressed look!


Love the engrave! Very nice!

Same here—I really like the distressed effect.

I think it looks good, too. Perhaps a little sandinging with some a fine grit sandpaper would help it a little. Focus on the raised part, not the engraved part.