Nothing Uploading

Anyone having trouble uploading files today-all I am getting is the “Problem Screen”?
I have been unable to upload

  1. PDF files
  2. SVG files
  3. Files that I have previously uploaded and are still on my “file page”.

Kind of hard to get anything done if the first stage of the process fails, fails, fails, …

Same problem here, can’t use the Glowforge again, same as the other day…

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Thanks for the quick reply! Knowing someone else is having a problem lowers my frustration level and makes me suspect something is wrong at GF Command and it is not me or my files!

Guess I will have to abandon the GF and return to the Dreaded Deck Demolition project todayDeck%20Demo!


i’m not at home, but i just uploaded a couple of SVG files and a PDF with no problem in the GFUI.

@timtsuga, I just pulled the logs for your Glowforge and it looks like the file you’re trying to upload is having trouble because it includes text. You can read about how to convert your text here under “Text is not showing”

Would you let us know if that sorts it out for you?

@his_z24 and @timsuga, if the help at that link doesn’t make it easy to upload your files, would you please create a new thread or write and share a file that you’re having trouble uploading? Thanks!