I made nothing on mine because now that its finally arrived, it doesn’t actually work. And support doesn’t answer.

They will respond. Sometimes it takes a day or 2. But they are good at getting back to you.

That’s not an acceptable turnaround after what we’ve already been put through. Bad customer support is 24 hours. More than that is pathetic beyond description.

Just a thought, perhaps you can tell us what is going on and perhaps someone can help you get up and running.


I posted a cogent, detailed explanation of the debug steps in the support category this morning with no useful response. At this point I’m just snarking my way through all the forums in an attempt to attract the attention of someone there and get some actual useful assistance.

Oh I see. I’ve always found that to be an extremely useful technique.


I take your point. And I might ordinarily agree. But the company appears to be several order of magnitude more concerned with quelling dissent and obscuring any talk of problems than they are with actually fixing problems or providing timely support. Squeaky wheel getting grease and what not…

If that were true, they wouldn’t have opened this section for users to post their problems and have to do their laundry in public.


You mean 4 hours ago?


Forums are cheaper than competent support people.

Do consider that’s not the only option under “things snark attracts.”


Oh you don’t need to worry… the people you’re insulting so blithely are very competent. And they will get to you, when it’s your turn, whether you’re squeaking or not.


unfortunately you’re also pushing away the other people who might be willing and able to help you.


As a technical support representative, I can assure you that the more courtesy and patience you show will be highly appreciated.

I also consider a 4 hour response to be perfectly adequate based on the number of tickets that are being generated. There is a limit on the number of support tickets that the team can handle in any given day. I hope that your replacement unit arrives quickly and in good shape so that you can adjust your attitude accordingly.


If they can’t handle the volume, they need more staff or a less unreliable product.

Can we as users close this topic? It’s going nowhere good.


Threads that receive an unusual number of flags are closed until a moderator can review them. “Don’t be a jackass” is one of the forum guidelines (though I believe they phrase it more diplomatically) so flagging for rudeness is entirely appropriate.

You do what you gotta do, but there really is a better way to go about that.


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I’m so very sorry that your unit arrived broken. The support team will be in touch soon to get the problem resolved.

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