Noticed This! (email received, purchase date/time shared)


I received my GF email this morning (technically it was yesterday and the one afternoon where I didn’t hunt for my reward), yippee! Looks like I’ve added two more weekend days to my wait, haha.

I’m posting my purchase information in this message, because I’ve always thought it a nice gesture to let others know where they are in the delivery queue. (Wish you all a speedy delivery)

I purchased my GF Basic on Sep 24, 2015, 7:08 PM (PST). Now it’s time to clear off the flat space and get to fabricating the thoughts in my head.

Glowforge is on its way, yay!

Well Congrats! :confetti_ball::fireworks::balloon::tada::fireworks:


Congrats. That is six golden emails yesterday. We haven’t see that many in one day since May.


Congrats and many fun days ahead !!


Awesome!! Congratulations…start working on your space for it now if you havent already. :smile:








That’s always good to see :sunglasses:


That’s just awesome!
Thanks for sharing it! I think you’ve put some minds at ease!
Looking forward to seeing a new mind at work!