Noticed This! (email received, purchase date/time shared)

I received my GF email this morning (technically it was yesterday and the one afternoon where I didn’t hunt for my reward), yippee! Looks like I’ve added two more weekend days to my wait, haha.

I’m posting my purchase information in this message, because I’ve always thought it a nice gesture to let others know where they are in the delivery queue. (Wish you all a speedy delivery)

I purchased my GF Basic on Sep 24, 2015, 7:08 PM (PST). Now it’s time to clear off the flat space and get to fabricating the thoughts in my head.


Well Congrats! :confetti_ball::fireworks::balloon::tada::fireworks:

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Congrats. That is six golden emails yesterday. We haven’t see that many in one day since May.


Congrats and many fun days ahead !!

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Awesome!! Congratulations…start working on your space for it now if you havent already. :smile:

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That’s always good to see :sunglasses:

That’s just awesome!
Thanks for sharing it! I think you’ve put some minds at ease!
Looking forward to seeing a new mind at work!