Now for something completely different (limited laser content)


Check out what Honda motorcycles demoed at CES today.

It’s simply amazing. I know it’s not a laser engraver, but sometimes you see a technology that just makes you drop your jaw and say “wow!”

Laser content: they use lasers to align parts on the assembly line and there were laser engravers at CES :slight_smile:


When I saw that, it reminded me of this video:


oh man, might be time to trade my buell in! that looks awesome!


you don’t even need to ride it!



may make me get another bike.


But you could use it to to go pick up a laser engraver by itself!


its interesting that they needed to change the rake angle of the forks. I wonder if that was to get enough response out of turning the handle bars.

also, if the rake angle really is adjustable you get some really cool changes in riding response.


That gave me goose bumps…Rise of the machines!!!

Sorry :blush: couldn’t help myself!


I would like to understand the voodoo behind him not being able to push the bike over… :japanese_goblin:


It’s not the only thing they have with that ability. They’ve got a one-wheeled personal mobility vehicle that does the same thing. I’m thinking there have to be some serious gyros in there. They showed a bunch of really neat stuff - their full presentation at CES is up on YouTube and it’s almost an hour long.

One of the cool things is that they talk about wanting people to have fun - they’re not trying to cure cancer here, they just want to give their customers something that makes their lives more fun. It’s refreshing vs. all the companies that pretend there’s some higher purpose to their being in business to make money off of providing customers something they want.


Cough… (Ahem)