Now shipping proofgrade out of the US?

I was just doing my usual “see if I can order proofgrade in the UK yet” check and the UK and various other countries are now options in the basket! Does this mean at last we can order proofgrade?!?

I’ve not see any communication from Glowforge about it?

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If they are taxed on arrival as the original free sample pack then it might be an issue. Would be great to be able to order them at a face value price.

A few weeks back someone noticed they changed wording in the store that implied they were shipping outside the US. Whether this was in preparation for, or because they can ship OUS now, I do not know.

I attempted this because it seemed too good to be true. Loaded up my cart with over 200 dollars US worth of product, got to shipping and then got this:


Welcome to Can’t-ada! :wink:

There’s too much money not to figure it out. I fell into a rabbit hole yesterday reading about wood and wood product imports from the US and there are a pest of ways this could be an issue including pests.

Considering most of this is processed, steamed, pressured and/or glued from real wood it seems to skip most bio concerns.

We can only guess but I’d imagine our sample packs differed in that it wasn’t classified as a wood product. When it’s just the proofgrade that changes.

For all the noise I made about being in Canada where you are knee deep in wood finding 1/4 to 1/8 sheets I can feed the GF has been surprising. I can’t wait to be able to buy laser safe, GF approved food for it.

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Honestly, If a company like Ocooch Hardwoods, literally run out of a barn, can figure it out I’m sure Glowforge can too.

Assuming this is a large point of revenue for repeat business from their customers I’m surprised this hasn’t had more of a focus. I know I was about to drop 200+ USD on product today alone and I could see myself making similar orders each month. I know I’m not alone and there are thousands of people who would like to order laser safe materials from a supplier even if they don’t own a glowforge.


The bureaucracy of a country is far more concerned about agricultural imports than the political side that focuses on people and narcotics. As a company, as opposed to something run out of a barn by a guy or an Etsy shop, glowforge is going to focus on the rules. The beauty of the small shop owner is they are clueless, intentionally or not, about the laws and regulations they are ignoring. That means it is customs’ problem to inspect that box, although with a name like Ocooch Hardwoods on the return label :thinking:.

I agree, the plywood and hardwoods offered by glowforge should be exportable/importable. Presumably it hasn’t been a focus for them.

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As it oughta be when millions of other peoples dollars are at stake. If only more companies with millions of others peoples dollars felt the same…

I hear World Class Capital Group had an FBI raid conducted on them this morning.

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