Now THIS is how you announce shipping updates!




Now that was probably the highlight of my day. Makes me wish I had ordered one during the kick-starter.


Wow. @dan needs to hire those guys.


Is there something about your GI Tract you would to share with the rest of the class?? :sneezing_face:


so that means you farted over 3000 times since the kickstarter O.O … Yeah I am right with you.


I see I’m not the only bears vs babies kick-starter!


Just think of the Glowforge numbers! Quick calculations:

That’s 78.12 megafarts. Volumetricaly, 2.79 megaliters. About enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool, or, conveniently, just enough to fill a standard-sized hot air balloon.

(And now I have “average volume of a human fart” in my Google search history. No way that’ll backfire (no pun intended…)


Mathew is a sick, sick man. Funny, but sick.



I started reading that and thought "Man, this really has an “Oatmeal” vibe to it… d’er! No Wonder! :smiley:


haha, i’m not sure they can afford it! they’re rather successful.


that and then all of the GF and GF:Pro would have fart boxes (Oh wait some of us get an air filter aka fart box) and blurred private parts on the cases.


Their story of (fake) woe reminded me of this gem: The Wreck of the Crash of the Easthill Mining Disaster–Brooke Abbey


They are masters at entertaining their market, that’s for sure. I’m looking forward to challenging my kids to some harsh bears vs babies action in the next few days.


you say that like it would be unwelcome


Was it a work computer? Do we need to get HR involved?


I can think of about 100% of my clients that need to hire those guys!


It’s kind of the opposite. Elan’s an investor in Glowforge.


14? Only 14?



what did I do now?

I have a teenage daughter blured privates would be a little much … Now a Taco Cat edition GF hhmmmm