Now THIS is paper cutting with a laser

So I was looking for information regarding cutting glass with a laser (maybe the Glowforge) and making a stained glass window when I ran across this:




That is seriously impressive.

I must agree with the other replys: Wow and seriously impressive.

What power and speed settings should I use to cut paper without burning it? And what’s the expected cut width (how fine is the line)? And does some paper work better than others? I’ve got a stack of colorful construction paper from Hobby Lobby…

I assume that etching on paper doesn’t work, but please correct me if I’m wrong.

There are showings on this forum of people making an engrave on a feather without cutting through it !!

I imagine the weight of the paper makes a large difference (just common sense). I was looking at some engraves done on heavy paper from Micheal’s (spelling?) but forget if was here or Printerest.

A lot of experimentation would probably be needed to mark without cutting through, but that feather convinced me that it is doable.

Oh, totally doable. The low power settings are crazy low.

I’ve done engrave/etch on regular copy paper no trouble. It was before the current speed notation, but start with 1% power and top speed and then work your way up till you have a mark you like. (I seem to remember there was a fair amount of room at the bottom.)

i’ve seen decent results of people engraving on the lightweight 20# copy paper.