Number Of New/Unread


Since yesterday I’m no longer seeing the number of unread new messages next to my profile pic. Is it just me? Looking for a solution.


  • Tom

EDIT: So, really strange… As I’m sitting here going through the forum this morning a number did appear next to my pic… and then disappeared. As a matter of fact, that just happened again while I’m typing this.


do you have new messages? also if you left it open on another computer, you can have issues with notifications. but to your other ask, i haven’t noticed it.

edit: ah, saw your edit. yeah it sort of sounds like you have the menu open on another pc or tab, is that possible?


You nailed it. I had it open at work (like I always do) but I had the new message list open there. I remoted in and closed it. Should fix the issue. If not, I’l report back.


  • Tom


cheers! glad to help


Definitely the answer. Guess that’s the state I left it in yesterday. Today we’re getting 18"-24" of snow. So all remote today (and tomorrow?).


i know how that feels, we get hit with the lake effect wrath several times a winter.


The gremlins at work were checking your messages…lol