Obelisk tool holder

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So, as is becoming a tradition around here. You see something super cool and it becomes something to see if you can do a variant on it that is good its self. This is not near as nice as @Jules pen pods but I like it none the less. I cut it from .120" BB and didn’t mask it as I wanted the smoke as a feature.

New photo by Mark Evans

Okay now, an outside link is right side up!


Wow! How’d you get it to stick on the ceiling like that?


Whoa…you made a gravity defying tool caddy…so super cool!!! :sweat_smile::joy: no really…it IS cool

The picture has been turned not upside down anymore…so this comment has been rendered obsolete.:relaxed: except the part where I say its cool…


Forum weirdness. It is right in the original, copy here and…


Maybe when you pasted the image it was routed on the Internet to a router south of the equator. That would explain why it suddenly turned upside down.


FIXED! using an outside link put it right side up.


…but now our jokes don’t make sense! :confused:


Exactly…now I sound like an idiot with my gravity defying comment…lmao…:sweat_smile:


Wonderful! It looks like a Mayan pyramid. Just needs a few Mayan symbols…


Awesome pyramid! I like that one even better for tall tools …you can keep your calipers handy as well as your pens and your little materials ruler! Great design! :grinning: :thumbsup:


Did you take the picture with your phone? I find I often have to edit photos after uploading to the forum because the forum does not read the orientation info tagged in the image, yet the computer does so they appear OK at first. A quick load in GIMP, GIMP recognizes the orientation right away and confirms, then overwrite the file with the new correct orientation.

Edit: Do’h… forgot to comment on the organizer, that’s awesome! Really like the tiered heights.


I love this! Need something like this on a lazy susan/spinny thing.


Oh I like, this will happen sometime. Bigger, badder, spinning.


I like how you didn’t mask it…made it look nice.


We’re deeper than 10 comments so I hope you don’t mind me dropping this here. It was also made as a result of @Jules and her challenge. :slight_smile:

I spent about a minute in F360 making a 3x3 cube, then throwing a 10 degree draft on 4 sides. I then brought that file into Slicer to see if I could do anything with that. I haven’t really used Slicer before, so this was a quick try.

I wasn’t going to print it at first. Your tray came out better, but this did the proof of concept I wanted. I need to tweak a few settings still, it goes together good but is a little looser than I’d like. I probably need to revisit the kerf settings since I let them default.

This is printed with the draft material. It took longer to print than to design, and it printed pretty fast as all cuts. The output from Slicer was a PDF that went right into the GFUI.

This would work well for paint brushes, pens and pencils but I need to glue it up and put a bottom on it. The lazy susan idea sounds good though.


Another awesome design! (This might be the birth of a new tool set for desktops! And a very handy one too!) :grinning:


lazy susan is good. you could also create the base tray to sit on the lazy susan to incorporate some small trays around the edges, like my ancient, well used, pen caddy at work.


At what point does it get too big? WIth the draft angles it’s roughly 4 x 4 x 3 inches tall now. Adding 2 more inches or just adding a round base that circumscribes the 4 corners?

Decisions, decisions… :slight_smile:

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i hear you.

fwiw, i think if you’re going to lazy susan it, you can presume round works (because those corners are going to create the outside edge of the rotation), so if you added flat tray areas in the parts that would be rounded, it really wouldn’t be larger than it is now in practical terms. i.e., if you’re going to be able to rotate it 360 degrees, it wouldn’t add any more footprint to it.


That is what I was thinking too. Keep the footprint the same. Easy enough to cut the round piece for a base (and even go crazy and deep engrave to help position everything) but then the crazy comes back… add a short lip to hold things on (seems responsible) and (crazy part) go with a living hinge idea just because LASER!!! I’d think designing those tabs to install the lipt to the base would take some experimenting. Engrave and glue would be easier.

Oh, and anybody reading this far. Don’t be intimidated that the design to PDF only took about 10 minutes. I’ve been doing CAD for a long time and this isn’t a competition. I’m sure @markevans36301 (it’s his thread afterall) could do it in 8 minutes or less :smiley: