Obligatory Ruler Post

Well, here’s the obligatory ruler posting :slight_smile:

It seemed to cut exactly where I placed it on the GUI in the bottom left corner, so I’m hopeful I won’t have too much trouble with alignment!


To see if you have alignment issues make a cut and before you move anything refresh the bed image. Then you will see how much of an alignment issue you have. Generally from what I have read everyone has some issues out towards the edges and better alignment in the center. It has really only become an issue for me when I want to do double sided work or you have a target like a thumb drive that you only have a limited space to mark. There are plenty of threads on making a jig to do the job. But nice ruler!

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Yaaay! Great looking ruler. Congrats! :grinning:

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Welcome to the club.

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Yeah, that’s what I was talking about, sorry. I refreshed the bed and the ruler was in the exact spot it should have been (as far as my eyes could tell) :smile:

You are now officially a Glowforge user … how cool is that?!


Welcome! I’m looking forward to future non-obligatory posts :slight_smile:


Well, now you’ve gone and made them obligatory by expectation! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Where can I find the design for this ruler?

Hi Sue,

I’m not quite sure if the design for this ruler is available any more. The original design was a gift from Glowforge to be a starting point and allow people to test their laser on a known-good design. I believe Glowforge has since changed to using the Gift of Good Measure design to fill that purpose, so the ruler may no longer be distributed. @dan @Rita or @bailey might be able to get you the design file though like I said it was a gift so it’s certainly possible it was meant for a specific group of people.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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It’s called a “Glowforge founder rule” and was granted to all that participated in the initial fund-raising campaign.


I am happy to hear that your camera alignment is good. You might be able to make it even better. Have you run the camera alignment routine? It might further improve the alignment at the outer areas of the bed.

My camera alignment is so good after the calibration that most of the time I can discern no offset between the image and the cut when it is completed. If you have not run calibration, you should :grinning:

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@eflyguy Ah yes. I thought I remembered that but wasn’t sure if that was something they had gone back on and opened to everyone.

@gewubs This is a really old thread and a lot has changed since then. I’ve moved my GF multiple times, and yes have gone through the calibration. It still has pretty good alignment when calibrated, but I haven’t had a chance to re-calibrated after my most recent move since my GF is sitting on the floor at this point (my housemate is using the intended desk to work from home, so the GF never got settled).

I saw how old the thread was after I hit send.

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