October 2018 Update

Happy October! It’s one of my favorite months as we get to celebrate our twins’ birthdays, Halloween, and do some of our favorite Seattle activities like pumpkin patches and apple picking. It’s also a time with no shortage of amazing laser projects! Our family’s current laser todo list includes some Draftboard plywood pumpkin decorations we’re going to paint, acrylic organizers for our kitchen cabinets, and dolphin earrings.

Software Updates

We continue to roll out all sorts of amazing improvements to make your Glowforge better. The Snapmark beta is rolling out to more customers, and the feature itself has had improvements to make it more precise and flexible. We’ve rolled out a much-requested feature that lets you save your own settings to your Materials Library for materials from other vendors. We’ve continued to invest in improvements to the interface for both our web app and our iOS app (which you should install if there’s an Apple device in your life!). Whatever’s on your personal Glowforge todo list, you’ll find it’s faster and easier each month that goes by.

Production Updates

We’ve updated our posts on international shipping with the latest: our factory inspection went smoothly! We’re working now on both the Glowforge air filter and the alternative which should be ready sooner. We don’t have any news right now, but you can use this thread for discussion. It looks like we won’t have information on pricing and availability of the air filter alternative until the November update.
Finally, I posted earlier that Basic and Pro are sold out. To keep up with demand, we’ve started working with a Flex facility in Guadalajara. As of right now, units that we ship may be assembled in either Mexico or the US. Units made in both factories come from Flex and are built to the same standards; they are otherwise identical.


We’re continuing to hire for our Customer Success team to keep up with all of the new Glowforge owners. If you love to help people with their Glowforge, and are based in Seattle or willing to relocate, we’d love to hear from you! You can learn more about this and other roles at glowforge.com/jobs.

Speaking of all the new Glowforge owners…

People like you are earning a lot

Part of the reason we sold out of Basic and Pro units is customers who have been sharing their referral links. We’re giving out hundreds of thousands of dollars in credits to customers, and we love it! (The alternative to giving you money is spending that money on ads, which we love a lot less).

The secret to claiming the referral dollars is simple: go to glowforge.com/referrals and copy your link. Then, any time you have a new project, post pictures or video to wherever your friends hang out - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or anywhere else. Don’t forget to use the #glowforge hashtag. Not only your friends, but people who are thinking about buying a Glowforge will see it when they search for information. They might ask you a few questions, then use your link to purchase. It’s up to $500 cash for you per referral - it’s that easy.

Discussion of this update here. That’s it for October - have a wonderful fall!