Oculus Medium

It has been mentioned before in these forums, but as the Oculus Touch controllers have finally been released I figured it was worth its own thread considering all the creative people in these forums.

I got my hands on the motion controllers for the Rift on Friday, and one of the things I was eager to try was the sculpting program called Medium:

It’s a ton of fun and despite not being much of an artist I managed to create this guy after a few days of playing around:

The column is a pre-made stamp, everything else was done by me.

Everything you make can be exported as an .obj file, so I printed this guy out:

There is no way I could have done anything like this in traditional 3D modeling programs, at least not without way more time than I’d care to invest.


Oculus is well known for it’s lack of communication and extremely delayed products… know anyone that’s into companies like that? :smiley: ZINGGGGG


Ouch! Too soon!


It was actually microsofts shortage of controllers that caused the initial rift delay. I got my oculus touch on the 5th, a day before they were supposed to be available for sale. (Shipped from oculus).

That was just one of the rumors that was flying around during the great days of delays. And I never really liked the idea of that one. Microsoft controllers being mass produced already never sat right as the cause for delay of the new tech with 0 production history.

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My Touch controllers arrived 3 days late thanks to the UPS hub it went to getting bogged down.

If anyone missed it last time I posted it: https://www.facebook.com/goro.fujita/?fref=ts

This guy always amazes me. His latest work is just mindblowing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzsG1uqfDTQ&feature=youtu.be

He’s doing his stuff on the Oculus Medium.


As an HTC Viva user, this is the one app I’m jealous of. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been debating whether to buy the Touch controllers or sell my Rift. I have the Vive and I really hate using the Rift even though it’s more comfortable, because of the way they’ve had you point your head at items to select them - it literally makes me ill, so I’ve barely used the Oculus.

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touch is amazing

Yeah, it’s the same thing the Vive does. The level of immersion is pretty great.

Aye. My friend down the street has a vive. They’re both sweet. After getting my touch, I’m glad i went with oculus. The controllers are a lot more fun to use.


During the great VR decision of 2016 I decided to go with the rift. I was pretty jealous when I heard the vive was coming with touch controllers and the rift wasn’t. My friend down the street got the vive so I played it at his house.

Now that the touch has come out for oculus I’m really happy I stuck it out. It’s amazing, and worth the wait. I’m pretty sure I’ll feel the same when the glowforge gets here.


I was with the Rift right since the beginning and have both Dev Kits.
They were the unnamed company i was referring to when i hoped that Glowforge’s communication would be better.

The amount of BS we had to go through (especially us non-Americans) just to find out when our units were being processed/delivered etc was beyond belief.
They lost a lot of good external developers in the end.
(and some not so good ones too… i jumped ship on them as well as it was too much of a bother to wait on such poor communication)

I had heard that.
It will be good to try them both before i decide which one i will start to work with

For the most part, go with whatever one you can get cheaper, especially used. This first generation is so close to being identical that you can’t really say one is better than the other, and with a little software rejiggering, each can play the other’s games.

In the future, the feature delta between them might grow, but for now they’re functionally the same.

In that vein, if someone has one of these nerd helmets and hasn’t been spending time in Audioshield, you’re doing yourself a disservice!


I’ll have to try audioshield tonight! Have been looking for good recommends!

Also I just read somewhere yesterday that oculus, google, and htc (not sure if that includes valve) are all creating a set of standards for VR so hopefully that delta will stay in check. I’m really glad to hear it.


The two things I’ve played more than anything else are Audioshield and The Lab (not sure how well that one works on Oculus so far) - especially the arrow game. Like, I woke up sore the next day, and I’m not an inactive person, haha).

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I played the lab, it was awesome. I’ve been playing a ton of space pirate trainer. So much fun!

I also have a ceiling fan in my play area and it gets hot but I can’t turn it on hahaha

I’ll check out audio shield. Sounds like it might be similar to space pirate trainer but I’m just guessing


Nah, audioshield is a game where each controller becomes a shield, and you have to block orbs that fly at you according to the beat of your song choice (it does an okay job, but since it’s done procedurally by the computer it isn’t perfect). It’s definitely the game that gets people who don’t really play video games excited by the platform. I’ve yet to see someone not enjoy it.


Oh mannnnn, THIS is the kind of stuff I would love to be working on! One of the grad programs I’m applying to right now has a big emphasis on VR and tangible interaction design, it would be a dream come true to somehow integrate these with architectural design and advanced fabrication techniques. (Course, I don’t really know how I would go about doing that, but I suppose the first step is getting accepted into the school! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)