Odd Error Message

Any one get the following Error Message:

Error: FATAL_PRINT_ERROR: MOTION_PLANNING_ERROR Error: Bad response 422 from server for /api/prints DWX-346

I’m not sure what that is?

Bad height response. Usually says material height is too low or high.


After I posted it, I found the answer…I wish that they would make the error message…comprehensible…?


Glad you’re retired. The community is fortunate to have your engineering expertise and experience contributing. Good for us you decide to toy with a glowforge in retirement.

Most of my ancestors are buried in N.C. and I intend to get back there once more someday. I am confident I could find Pegg Road somewhere in Virginia, and from the locals who would look at me funny for asking the question, I would find you, and ring that bell. You have been warned.


I thought @rpegg lived in WV. You’d be a state away if you found Pegg Rd in VA. :slightly_smiling_face:

Or maybe I would (I’m heading to Martinsburg WV in a couple of weeks).


I didn’t correct him because I don’t have a door bell.

I do have a RR crossing signal that flashes and chimes inside the house when someone comes up the driveway.


He has a Tesla … And will travel!


No, you have what looks like a ship’s bell in the front yard. I thought it might be W.V. I recall that very large dish that collapsed.
Rest assured, with Google Earth and the name of that road, there can’t be that many properties with an observatory in the yard…

I’m joking rick, I would like to buy you a beer and shake your hand, but I wouldn’t intrude on your privacy without your permission.


Says the guy with Jack Nicholson’s Shining pic as his avatar :smile:


It definitely lends a more menacing air to the conversation!


@Jules :purple_heart:

One day in appreciation for her help I posted this^^, and someone pointed out how creepy that looked. :rofl:


:wink: Still gives me nightmares! :rofl:


An old girlfriend died in a similar real live version that conceived his life as a video game that he will play for perhaps the next 60 years in prison.

Thanks for the answer, @rpegg, that’s correct. A more informative error message appears for this problem when autofocus runs before a print. However, it looks like the same message isn’t appearing when Set Focus is used. I appreciate your patience in the meantime. The team is working on it now.

If you run into any other trouble, please post a new topic or email us at support@glowforge.com. Thanks for letting us know about this.