Odd projects for my sister

My sister inspires some unusual projects. The inscription on the box is a “poem” of my sister’s making. She does a lot of work with her local theatre groups, and was in charge of costuming for the latest production. She and her helpers had a lot of problems with people trying to walk off with their good sewing scissors and use them on… not cloth. This is a good way to earn the ire of any seamstress. So as a thank you for all their work on the show, we engraved these boxes for gifts. Oh, and the cat (Who’s name is Mister Raggedy Man, felt that he should help.

The second project I did for my sister this week is a coat hanger. She told me that she wanted my to make this for her before I even had the Glowforge. She wanted a coat hanger with a picture of Neil Patrick Harris on it. She said she would put in back in her closet, where he belongs.


Seriously, don’t touch the good scissors. That is no joke!


Ha! Nice engravings, and super nice cat! And yes, I was taught the scissors thing at a very young age. I keep my Gingiss sewing shears in their original box deep within my sewing box to keep them safe.


Scissors re-sharpen like any other cutting tool.
What am I missing here?

(engage deflectors Mr. Sulu)…


I caught that!

You don’t touch my shears. (Or my laser.) ROFL! :smile:


Heresy!!! :scream:

My Ginghers are 35 years old, still have their original box, have traveled the world in military packing cartons, have never been sharpened, and still cut fabric like a dream. BECAUSE my family knew the rule documented above.

Funny thing is, I’m super easy going about pretty much everything else I own. I think the sewing scissors rule is embedded in our DNA. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I flagged you. This really isn’t funny or cute.

Casual homophobia is still homophobia and shouldn’t have any place on this forum or elsewhere.

I am sorry that you feel that way. Since homophobia is not my intention, I am sorry you took it that way. My father, who came out as gay when I was 8 years old, found the joke funny, since you shouldn’t be so afraid or uptight about yourself that you can’t laugh about who and what you are. I really admire Neil,and his ability to embrace all sides of his character. That includes laughing at situations, and how people see the situation. Most of his work has been about poking fun of stereotypes.


Thanks for the reply. I wanted to let you know why I flagged the comment. The words “back in the closet, where he belongs” are what caught my attention.

Words on the internet don’t always translate well.

And I do admire your dad’s attitude (and NPH’s).

Mr. Raggedy Man looks like he enjoys the “death to all” part of the “poem” whether they enter or not. I like that in a cat.

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Good that you know that. :grinning:

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Love the “protective space” for the scissors.
The struggle is real, non-scissor-use-understanding-people!!! On almost a daily basis my husband and daughter give me looks of complete despair and abject fear when I start on my “OMIGOSH WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THOSE SCISSORS HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND THOSE ARE FOR FABRIC YOU DIDN’T JUST CUT THAT SCRAP OF PAPER DID YOU?” rant.

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The safest option for saving sewing scissors: Put a padlock through the holes! Hard to use if you can’t open them!

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I gotta say I am with @hansepe on this one, that NPH gag felt off when I read it too.

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