Odd stroke cutting behavior

So I wasn’t quite sure where to post this, but here seems to be a good enough place, since it’s not really a “Problems and Support” thing.

On my first self-created Illustrator file, I created a bunch of rectangles to cut, with a 1 pt stroke and no fill. When the file started to cut, the run time was 14 minutes and change, which I thought was long for the file, but I don’t have any experience to compare it to. I watched the cutout of the first rectangle, but then it began double-cutting lines, so I stopped the print.

Having browsed the forums religiously for the last two years, I said “ha, I must have double paths!”. But that wasn’t the case.

When I took the piece out of the Glowforge, I noticed that it wasn’t cutting the same line twice - it was actually a tiny fraction of an inch away, leaving a sliver of wood in between the cuts (super-thin - you could bend and twist it easily).

The only thing I could see in my file was for some reason some of the rectangle paths had an inside stroke, rather than a center stroke. My theory (based on purely anecdotal behavior) is that the Glowforge software cut the inside stroke, then went back and cut the stroke again as a center stroke.

After I made all of the strokes center-aligned, I re-uploaded the file and got a 6:30 run time, and no double cuts.

So, to make a long story short (too late!), I believe that instead of Glowforge ignoring stroke location and cutting down the center of the path, it obeys the stroke placement when cutting but then cuts the center anyway.

I’ll test some more but not tonight - has anyone else seen this?


If you do stroke to path in Inkscape (sorry, I don’t know what the equivalent is called in AI) then you’ll end up with an object that has a path on the inside and the outside of what used to be a stroke, but is now fill. Those paths in your case would be exactly 1pt apart.

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Interesting. I don’t think that’s what I did - my object was a single path, and the stroke simply said “inside”. I’ll take another look at it tomorrow and try to recreate the behavior.

Your thought definitely would explain the phenomena… and is a lot more likely than Glowforge cutting something willy-nilly. :slight_smile:



Yes, it would be a single path on the inside all the way around both sides of what used to be a stroke. With a fill and no stroke width any more.

I think this happened to me once, too. But I never reworked the file or ran tests to check. And the stroke set to the inside was the only thing different I could think of.

The simple way to tell is to use the outline view and zoom way in. That will show you the exact location that the actual vector path is, easier to see double cuts, etc.

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