Odd wording for an instruction

So I purchased a file to cut/engrave and one of the instructions says:

This piece is designed to be engraved at 18.5” wide - in order to accommodate that width, you will need to slow down your engraving speed

I don’t get it. Why?

Because on the Glowforge, the side margins adjust themselves depending on the speed used.

The head needs a certain amount of room to decelerate…the faster it is traveling, the more room it needs on the sides to slow down, and it might be that the margins are too wide to fit the design at a full 18.5" if the engraving speed is really high.

Slowing down the speed of the engrave widens the available horizontal bed size.


Thank you for the answer. I learn something new every day.


If it’s a bitmap image (or you can make it one), you can maintain high speed without sacrificing work area by playing with the “margin optimization” slider in the engrave settings.


Yeah I have yet to even try bitmap stuff. A whole new world.

Moving this to Everything Else, since Made on a Glowforge is for showing off things you’ve made.


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