Of course, time zones!


Just checked my account and the golden email day jumped from the 14th to…TODAY!
Check inbox, nothing.
Check again, nothing.
Check again…nothing :worried:
Took me a full 10 minutes to remember time zones.
I might not actually get it until I wake up tomorrow.
Funny, after waiting so long. Today somehow seems longer.


Same here :smiley: Date jumped to today - still no mail anyway :stuck_out_tongue: Let’s hope the mail will arrive soon and that shipping won’t take too long. Anyone’s got an idea of how long it will take to germany? :wink:


I’m excited for y’all!


Also, Glowforge has a tendency to send out the emails at the end of the working day - from a time zone that is within sight of the end of time zones.


Hope you see it soon! :smile:


When I received my email, it was after 11 pm US Eastern time, so study up on the tutorials in the forum to help keep the day from seeming so long.




Fingers crossed for you!


:rat::rat::rat::rat::rat:Congo rats! My email arrived at 7:17 PM PST, so don’t be surprised if you don’t get it until later in the evening.


Mine moved up by 4 days to March 23rd! :scream: :grin: So close!


Not even opened it yet. I’m just going to sit and look at it sitting there in my inbox for a while.


Yep, our mail has arrived, too. Totally excited :smiley:
Can’t wait to get the device itself


Still no shipping notice :frowning: How 'bout you @bridget? :slight_smile:


Nothing yet. I’m assuming that they don’t work weekends in California.
Was hoping for something this morning, but no.