Off-book materials and engraving

Howdy. Has anyone here tried engraving an Otterbox, specifically the rubbery shell? I’m sure it will stink a bit, but I’m curious about the meltage and hoping to not have to be the pioneer.

That really depends on what it is made of and if it is laser safe. far as i can tell they use “synthetic rubber” which is a pretty veauge term. If you could find out what it is actually made of people might be able to provide you with some better feedback. I just worry about stuff like that because it might contain chlorine and would destroy your machine.

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Best thing to do would be calling up the company and asking for a SDS for the material composition so you can check the chemical makeup yourself.

It’s unlikely Otterbox would have that. They don’t manufacture raw material, an SDS is not required for a consumer product.

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While true, they may be able to point to a place that has one. Maybe. Depending on what the previous step in the chain is.