Off Center and Off Kilter

So I have been working on a little dog tag project and have found that I can’t nail down the center line. All looks great on the dashboard but something is lost in transition. I have set focus on the material and made sure all was lined up before hitting the magic button. The end result though can be a little left, little right but definitely not where I lined it up to be. Is this normal?

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have you tried doing the camera lid calibration?
Having items directly under the lid camera can help with alignment


Have you run the calibration routine? With that, combined with placing things in the center of the bed, you can usually get pretty close with visual placement. For perfect results, though, you’re better off making a jig.

To make a jig, measure your tag with calipers and make a rectangle in your design software that exact size. Place your artwork in the rectangle the way you want it to be on the tag. Load the design into the GF app and stick a piece of scrap or cardboard, etc. in the bed; set the artwork to “ignore” and the rectangle to “cut;” make sure to use the set focus tool or enter the material height. Cut the rectangle, and without moving the outer material, remove the rectangle and replace it with your tag. Without moving anything on the screen, set the rectangle to ignore and the artwork to engrave. Set the material height to the height of the tag (or, my preference - use the set focus tool) and engrave. the design should be placed exactly where you wanted it on the tag.


I have not for full disclosure I did not know that was a thing… and that is why I ask you all…such a wealth of knowledge and experience I will give that a try thanks again


Great Advice thank you


Not a problem it can solve a lot of problems with alignment, and if that doesn’t work out for you let me know and i can help you make a template so it will be exactly where you want it to be.

That, and when doing a one off item put it directly under the center of the lid camera. I often open the front door, close the lid and look directly down over the camera to place a small item like that. Close it all up and you should be bang on when you place your work.

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I dont have a piece of medium draft board, and the shop is sold out. another option to fix calibration?!

Any flat material will work.

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*puts MacBook Pro into glowforge


Flatter than that. Also, you don’t want to laser the Apple logo. I’ll let you search the forum to find out how I know. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Any flat, light-colored 12" by 20" material you have on hand will work. If it’s not light-colored, put some masking on it.


thanks, I tried some corrugated cardboard, im gonna do a test print now!

worked GREAT!