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This keeps happening and glowforge support has been zero help. whats positioned on the screen isnt whats being engraved
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What you see on the screen isn’t necessarily where it will be engraved. The ‘best’ placement is right under the camera as it’s a ‘fisheye’ effect and the further you move away, the worse it is. Are you using ‘set focus’ on the material before you place your graphic?

When I have something I want to be sure is in the right place, I use some masking, set my power to 1 or 2 and run it so it just marks the masking tape but doesn’t affect the material itself. If it’s correct, I then engrave it, if not, I ‘redo’ it. If you find it’s in the correct place, don’t move anything. As long as you don’t move anything it will ‘engrave’ it exactly where you had it…


For absolute precise placement you will need to make a jig. Without a jig, you can still get good placement, but you must use the set focus tool prior to placing your artwork, and you need to make sure that the red beam lands squarely on your material and not on a void. Placing your item as close to directly under the lid camera as possible will give you the best results if you choose not to make a jig.


The image was engraved using set focus other have used set focus but then get an error message and then its hours of resetting and turning on and off just to get off stuck focusing. Id use a jig but dont know what they are or where to find one at

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To make a jig, you create an outline of your item and your design in the same file. For something like your tag, just make a rectangle the size of your tag and center your artwork in that rectangle. Open the file in your Glowforge. Your jig can be made of cardboard or even construction paper for a tag like yours. Put the jig material in the Glowforge and secure it so it won’t move. Cut the rectangle but ignore your artwork. Remove the cutout without moving anything. Place your tag into the cutout. Set focus on your item but ignore the camera view. Don’t move anything. Ignore the cut line and enable your engrave.


This sounds like a wifi problem.

“But my wifi is great, none of my devices have problems,” you’re about to say. I believe you. But the Glowforge is extremely fussy, and connectivity problems manifest just as you have described.

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Another quick question, i got this laser from my neighbor who was throwing it away how do i change the user name and email to my own?

Your neighbor needs to release ownership so you can become the recognized owner.✓&query=release+of+ownership


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