As this is a pretty adventurous community, I’m posting here, as G**gle doesn’t get me anywhere.

Background -
I use ‘Glowfinger’ to cut fan sticks, and an Artisan 1430 to print paper fan leaves.
I’m familiar with the principle of sublimation printing to get my leaf designs onto fabric when I want to take that step, but for now it’s inkjet printed paper. Thus I also possess a heat press.

I’ve come across references to fixing inkjet dyes onto fabric using a heat press, which improves their uv resistance and water resistance.
Would the same be true for inkjet prints on paper ? And more importantly, has anyone in the community tried it, and has seen long term improvements as suggested ?

Yes, I can simply go ahead and try it, but I’m looking for some assurance for an outcome based on others experience.


No, heat usually alters the inkjet colors on paper if anything. A few light sprays of Krylon matte clear will provide basic protection from moisture. They also have a UV protectant spray.


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